Revitalizing Our Future!

Our Mission & Vision

Our Mission

The mission of Boss Forward is to strengthen the vitality of Sinking Spring’s downtown business corridor and surrounding areas. To improve our downtown, we will enhance the borough’s infrastructure, existing businesses, neighborhoods, and the surrounding community. Sinking Spring will become a “destination” place for people to work, live, eat, shop, and play by Boss Forward representing, supporting, and promoting our downtown business corridor while engaging residents, businesses, and community organizations.

Our Vision

Boss Forward’s vision is to build a vibrant and thriving downtown destination for our community and others. We envision a future of collaborative engagement between businesses and the community that promotes and supports growth, diversity, and modern infrastructure. A revitalized streetscape and renewed downtown will encourage small business, commercial, and economic development. All who live in Sinking Spring will benefit from increased revenues and beautification projects.

Supporting Sinking Spring

How We Can Help to Revitalize Our Community


Boss Forward aims to provide funding and resources to beautify and preserve our downtown corridor and community.


We are here to bring new businesses and developers to Sinking Spring and support the needs of existing business owners and property owners.


Sinking Spring will become a vibrant destination for everyone to live, work, and play by our direct investment in the downtown business corridor and community.


We will keep our residents and the surrounding community aware of ongoing developments and improvements to the downtown corridor.

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We Are Here For You!

Boss Forward Executive Committee

Merlin Weaver

Realtor®, Compass Realty

Bernie Campbell
Vice-President & Secretary

Whirley Drink Works

Lisa Gantner

Chairwoman — Borough Recreation Commission